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Job search:
● National Manager

Job responsibilities:

1. report the sales and market trends to the company on time. Forms of reporting such as attachments (country, merchant, contractor, invoicing, statements, competitors vs. information sheets).

2. complete the company's business objectives (turnover and profit).

3. assist regional business manager to make quarterly and monthly marketing plan, and be responsible for landing and implementation of the plan.

4. assist regional business manager in product selection in assigned area and implement network certification required for import.

5. assist national contractors in the implementation of company's products, prices, channels, advertising and promotions, and after-sales strategies.

6.. Identify business processes and related contracts and systems.

7. manage regional sales, marketing, after sales team daily work and review team performance.


1. bachelor degree or above, major in computer, electronics, marketing, etc.;

2. familiar with the overseas sales process of consumer electronic products, strong overseas market development ability;

3. familiar with mobile or mobile communication industry is preferred;

There are 4. domestic wholesale channels or KA chain management, such as Gome, Suning, and other fields is preferred; FMCG sales experience is preferred.

5.. More than five years overseas sales experience in consumer electronics products, experience in overseas sales management of similar products is preferred;

6. fluent in spoken and written English as a working language. (fluent Arabic is acceptable.).

Required ability:

A, good sales staff professionalism

B, good English expression and communication ability, can be used as working language

C, good business planning and execution skills

D, quick logical thinking ability

E, keen market insight

F, good sense of management

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● Overseas marketing / Channel Manager

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for achieving sales target including sales target and sales structure target

2, responsible for channel development, coverage, sub warehouse docking and key customers (rebate customers) screening, evaluation and confirmation

3, assist the head of the office to develop brand products, the office of the channel price system, market order, maintenance policies, incentives and other sales policies

4 、 responsible for PSI, market information, customer information, product information and other information feedback and analysis

5, responsible for the maintenance of market image and implementation of marketing requirements

6 、 responsible for the management of the Department and the assessment within the scope of authorization

Job requirements:

1 、 college degree or above;

2 、 good team work spirit and strong learning ability, able to stay in africa;

3 、 have more practice or work experience is preferred;

4 fluent in English or French or arabic.


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● Overseas sales manager

Job description:

1, responsible for overseas after-sales Center Management (including staff management, after sales operation process management, after sales inventory management)

2, responsible for overseas after-sales network construction, staff recruitment,

3. Responsible for local product quality feedback

4, responsible for local after-sales center maintenance materials planning, to ensure normal operation after sale;

5, responsible for overseas staff skills training, to ensure the timely repair of aftermarket repair

Job requirements:

1 、 secondary school or above, basic English communication;

3 、 more than three years experience in after sales supervisor;

4, understand the maintenance technology, software upgrade operation.

5. Proactive, strong pressure resistance, good communication and judgment ability, team spirit, independent thinking and problem solving skills.

6. Fluent in English listening and speaking, can work as a language, skilled use of Office office software (skilled use of EXCEL).

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● Overseas after-sale management

Job description:

1, mobile phone repair for more than 2 years;

2, understand the basic principles of mobile phones, software upgrades, debugging and simple motherboard maintenance;

3 、 skilled use of EXCEL;

4 、 after sales management experience is better, need to have a certain English foundation;

5, I hope you will work hard, diligent, pragmatic, aspirant, aspiring to join our team, and grow with the company, the company offers competitive compensation and benefits.

Another: can not be long stationed abroad cautious vote!

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● Sales Director

Job responsibilities:

1. Manage the progress of KPI indicators in various countries, integrate resources, and comprehensively promote the implementation of marketing strategies and terminal promotion programs;

2, responsible for the development of chain retailers and retail outlets terminal market implementation standards, and build monitoring management system;

3, improve the market management system, improve the management processes and systems, and promote standardization of market implementation;

4, responsible for regional market research and analysis, research on the industry dynamics, and formulate regional market response strategies;

5, lead the market team building, training, assessment, and motivate the backbone of the market.


1 、 Bachelor degree or above, with more than 2 years experience in the communications industry, FMCG, garment industry, regional marketing management;

2 、 rich knowledge of marketing, training and retail business, familiar with the operation mode of consumer business;

3, good system construction ability, market insight, business promotion ability.

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● Assistant to the director of overseas sales

Job responsibility

1, responsible for the company's sales contracts and other marketing documents management, classification, collation, filing and storage work.

2 、 responsible for the monthly, quarterly, annual statistical reports and reports of all kinds of sales targets, and answer the questions of the leaders about the sales dynamics at any time.

3, responsible for collecting, collating and summarizing the market, prices, as well as new products, alternative products, tourist sources and other information materials, and submit analysis reports, for the Department business personnel, leadership decision-making reference.

4. Assist director to keep records of internal affairs and meetings.

5, and gradually promote the use of computer information systems to deal with marketing information, and properly keep the computer information, not to disclose the sale of secrets.

6. Complete other tasks assigned by marketing director.

Job requirements:

1, limited to women, fresh graduates will also consider.

2, cheerful personality, integrity.

3 、 proficiency in office software, English level six or more.

4, this job is required to stay abroad, if the condition does not match, do not vote.

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● Business Manager

Job responsibilities:

1.. Responsible for the domestic delivery of logistics matters and tracking, logistics and related issues related to follow-up and resolution;

2. follow up and delivery of overseas sales order, timely feedback and solution proposal;

3. follow up the payment, communicate with foreign customers effectively, and complete the delivery and payment;

Daily supervision and maintenance of 4.HK warehouse


1. required data analysis skills, fluent spoken and written English, cantonese;

2. good office software, especially Excel and word;

3. proactive work attitude, self-discipline, and strong ability to accept and learn;

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